GDD Summit: Impact-FirstTM

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to innovate on many levels, in some ways fundamentally changing how we operate. We are witnessing one of the largest collective innovation periods, likely in our lifetime. The scale and speed at which new digital solutions are being developed and adapted could not have been imagined pre-COVID-19. In all aspects of our collective organizations, the pandemic has provided us with opportunities to increase our impact on a scale of which we never imagined possible. 

It is under this global seismic shift that we shaped the overarching theme of Impact-First to harness all of this collective energy and showcase the innovations we have made over the last year. This summit will highlight how necessary change has revealed the power and flexibility of the global digital development community.  This means looking across adjoining sectors and new technologies to see where there are natural symbiosis and new ways of thinking that we can leverage. To do this, the summit will curate topics and sessions that prioritize demonstrable impact, innovation, or emerging technologies that are changing the way we’ve previously thought about digital development. 

It is with this lens, and with the industry leading virtual conferencing technology platforms selected, that we hope to create an experience that not only changes the way you think about virtual events, but also provides laser focus on technologies that work in the realm of digital development. We want to know not only how the technologies worked, but how, and why the organizations that implemented the technologies made it happen. You will have intimate time with emerging thought leaders to explore their thinking and understand what it really takes to implement catalytic change and innovation in rapid fashion. In the end, we hope that we all walk away with a sense of how we can learn from these experiences to shape the future and our collective roadmaps of sector innovations, be it technology or interventions.

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