Advancements and innovations in digital health continue to tackle public health challenges and improve lives around the world. Artificial intelligence (AI) systems could be instrumental in the Covid-19 response. This pandemic has brought to the forefront the importance of using robust, secure and harmonized systems for data collection, analysis and management to optimize the impact on lives.

Our goal for this event is to bring together key members of the development community who are using or desire to use digital solutions to address the health and development problems being faced worldwide.  If this event helps just one person more successfully implement a solution that betters lives in their community, the event will be a success.

BAO Systems’ vision is a world in which the transformative power of data is fully harnessed to enable thriving societies everywhere. Learning from our global community about new and emerging technologies, sustainable technology solutions, innovations and different perspectives to overcoming challenges is how we can achieve our goals.

The Global Digital Development Summit is the place for our community to share experiences and expertise in the global development sector, ask tough questions, learn from each other, engage in discussion, build synergies and meet new partners. Embracing digital transformation allows decision makers, donors, NGO staff, executives, and frontline and community workers to focus on saving lives.

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