Scott Jackson

Head of Analytics Services
BAO Systems

Scott Jackson is the Head of Analytics Services at BAO Systems and uses visualization, dashboarding, data governance, data storytelling, customized R and R Shiny applications, monitoring & evaluation, and analytics strategies to address the most intractable social problems. Prior to joining BAO, Scott worked on the PwC Public Sector Data Analytics Team to help U.S. and international government entities become more data-driven in their social impact. Scott has also co-founded a social impact consulting firm; consulted hospitals, foundations, and social ventures; researched legislative implications of social entrepreneurship for the U.S. Congressional Research Service; enabled social ventures to acquire debt and equity; and helped stand up grant due diligence processes at the U.S. Social Innovation Fund. Scott completed his bachelor’s degree in Economics at Brigham Young University, is fluent in Thai and Thai food, has two daughters and two dogs, and lives in Portland, Oregon. His favorite job is still the summer he spent leading backpacking crews in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

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Cracking the DHIS2 API from R with Datimutils