Sarah Searle

Senior Project Manager
BAO Systems

Sarah Searle works with partners and the BAO Systems team across the globe to manage the iterative design and roll-out of DHIS 2-based systems . She is passionate about building systems that empower people to access and utilize high-quality data to make decisions. Sarah’s background is in health systems strengthening and digital health in low- and middle-income settings, particularly in the areas of reproductive, maternal, and newborn health, and she brings this global health lens to her work in deploying data systems. Her work experience spans large international NGOs, academic institutions, and small tech companies, and she holds a masters degree in public health.

Day 2
11:45 am
12:45 pm
Main Stage
Augmenting DHIS2 with Commercial Software

DHIS2 as an open-source product has had incredible success across the development sector. However, no one software can be everything for everyone. In this panel, we’ll look at three different use cases to show how various organizations have augmented open-source DHIS2 with a commercial software, and why this approach can provide best in class solutions for a variety of use cases.