Roody Thermidor

Deputy Director
Unit for Studies and Programming (Unité d’Etudes et de Programmation)/UEP

Roody Thermidor is a Specialist in Population and Development, with over ten years of experience in developing and implementing health information systems, including civil registries, monitoring and evaluation of health programs, and management of demographic health surveys. During his tenure at the Ministry of Health in Haiti (MSPP), he managed the deployment of DHIS2 as the national system for data collection and reporting, overseeing the upgrade of DHIS2 from 2.16 to 2.33, and the implementation of the Tuberculosis and community health information system (CHIS) tracker. Mr. Thermidor currently serves as the Deputy Director at the Unit of Studies and Programming within the Ministry of Health in Haiti.

Day 2
3:15 pm
4:00 pm
Spotlight session
Using a Collaborative Action Model to Ensure Data-driven Decision Making in Haiti