Lucia Fernandez Montoya

Entomology and Vector Control Specialist
WHO - GMP/Vector Control and Insecticide Resistance

Lucia Fernandez Montoya is an entomology and vector control specialist that works for the Global Malaria Programme at WHO Headquarters in Geneva. She is responsible for the development of guidelines and DHIS2-based digital tools to support countries strengthen entomological surveillance, insecticide resistance monitoring and the monitoring of vector control interventions. She manages the WHO Global Database on Insecticide Resistance in Malaria Vectors and the WHO Global Database on invasive mosquito vector species and, for the last three years, she has been the manager of the Malaria Threats Maps. Prior to joining WHO, Lucia led a vector surveillance system and several studies on the efficacy of vector control interventions during a malaria elimination attempt in Mozambique. Lucia holds a MSc in Physics and a MSc in International Health Research and is currently finishing her PhD on vector control for malaria elimination in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Day 1
2:30 pm
3:15 pm
Spotlight session
Global Alignment Across DHIS2-based Systems for Integrated Vector Control Data Use