Jim Grace

DHIS2 Core Developer

Jim Grace has been a DHIS2 core developer funded through PEPFAR since 2013, and has worked in data approvals, validation rules, predictors, expression parsing, ADX, and other areas. He helped design and continues to enhance PEPFAR's use of DHIS2. Before DHIS2, Jim worked in Kenya for the University of California San Francisco as a PEPFAR partner, was the lead developer for Digital Equipment Corporation's RSTS/E operating system, developed new storage algorithms for the team that created DEC's relational database engine Rdb (now Oracle Rdb), and was the chief editor of the ATM Forum User Network Interface specification. He has held senior engineering and leadership positions in several companies. Jim has a degree in mathematics from Middlebury College, where his undergraduate research in perfect numbers was cited in several journal articles and number theory books.

Day 2
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10:00 am
Predictors for Enhanced Analytics and Data Transformation